Post Production Audio Processing, Phase II

With the advent of digital processing capabilities, post production audio processing has become an important part of improving production quality of recordings to be more pleasing to the listener's ear. For this project, post production processing was performed by two persons.

First - Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins. She was producer for Phase I (now a full-time Assistant Professor at Howard University teaching multi-media and film audio), and in her spare time continues to operate AllAccessAudio. Because of her extensive knowledge and emotional involvement with this project, she volunteered to assist with post production processing.

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She was able to complete processing on the song "Be Thou with Them" and provide to Mr. McElroy at Slipped DISC. Unfortunately shortly after that she was injured in a car crash struck by a drunk driver. That created a significant and indeterminate gap in when Ms. Gerber-Salins could continue performing post production processing.

Second - David Goettee. To facilite moving this project forward, David obtained Adobe's sound program, Audition, which includes post production editing capabilities. Mr. Goettee used those capabilities and performed post production processing on all other numbers as appropriate.

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