Heidi Leah Gerber-Salins:
Producer, Phase I

Heidi Leah Gerber-Salins

Ms. Gerber-Salins’ work in audio production, engineering and related areas such as radio, TV and films, spans a wide range of music genres and communication formats.  She worked extensively with recordings in the areas of:

Her projects garnered multiple Grammy and Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) nominations, as well as a New York Festivals Radio Award.

The New York Festivals Radio Awards specifically honor radio content in all lengths and formats and across all platforms from radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe. Dedicated to fairness and integrity, the award competition honors and promotes the exceptional and innovative content being created today on all continents and seen across all platforms.

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Ms. Gerber-Salins is multi-talented. She:

In addition to being an audio producer and engineer, Ms. Gerber-Salins is:

Formal Education

Ms. Gerber-Salins has a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a minor in Chorus, where she also studied voice.

She also has an MA in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. About 2012 she obtained her MA in Communications.


After graduation from college with her BA, she worked various jobs after college. But then came the Black Monday Stock market crash in October of 1987, leading to a recession and her being out of work. She had been playing with bands in the DC area, and her grand-dad was a very early HAM radio operator who always endulged her questions. So, she decided to explore her love of audio and music and went and took part-time courses in Audio Engineering at Omega Studio in Rockville, MD. where she fell in love with the industry. (Omega now has a full accredited program at their School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences.)

After her training as an audio engineer at Omega, in 1991 Ms. Heidi Leah Gerber-Salins began working for Bias Recording Studio in Springfield, Virginia, where among other responsibilities she worked as a professional audio engineer and producer. Her mentors when hired by Bias were:

From the time Ms. Gerber-Salins went to work of Bias in 1991 until Mr. McElroy left his Bias partnership in 1993, he served as mentor for expanding her knowledge of audio engineering and production.

In 1993 Mr. Mcelroy left Bias to pursue his passion for trains. First he worked as an Assistant Train Director at Union Station, Washington, DC, and then on monitoring Track Geometry conditions on lines of the Southern Pacific Railroad. A couple years later, to be near his son when his mother moved to Richmond, VA, Bill also moved there.

His move to Richmond ended his hiatus of jobs working with trains and he returned to the recording business. First he established a mastering studio in Richmond, and subsequently established the new recording and mastering studio Slipped DISC. It is located just north of Richmond in the town of Ashland, Virginia. Some years after that David requested Mr. McElroy to become the Sound Engineer and Associate Producer for Phase II of Hymns and Songs of My Mother to complete production of the quality album his mother had envisioned.

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Ms. Gerber-Salins worked at Bias for 10 years, leaving in 2001. The following information is preserved by TortoiseClimbing™ from what Bias said about her on their website at that time.

Ms. Gerber-Salins officially entered the recording engineering and production worlds when she went to work for Bias Recording in 1991. She immediately began racking up credits. In her first year, she earned a Grammy Certificate for her work on the project for Columbia records Roots of Rhythm and Blues: The Robert Johnson Era. This was a CD of music and history, made possible with support of Music Performance Trust Funds and the Smithsonian Institution's Special Exhibition Fund. She followed that up putting in hundreds of hours behind the console, both as engineer and increasingly also as producer.

She loves music, and her clients (both at Bias and since, which encompass many different musical worlds) love her. A good measure of that is they continued coming back to work with her record after record. Heidi sprinkled her special magic over projects ranging from:

Her clients enjoyed and valued her passion for: 

One professional measure of how clients valued her capabilities is demonstrated by those who are members of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). [As of when Ms. Gerber-Salins left Bias in 2001] they had nominated her four?? times for "Best Recording Engineer."

Ms. Gerber-Salins served on the Board of Governors for the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. [YEARS??](The Recording Academy annually awards the GRAMMY’s.)

Click here to see the Extensive List of Her Clients and Their Projects from when Ms. Gerber-Salins' was at Bias

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All Access Audio

When Ms. Gerber-Salins left Bias Recording Studio in 2001, ten years after she joined them in 1991, she established her audio production and communications company, All Access Audio. First located in Reston, VA, and later on the north side of Washington, DC in the far northern-most part of Silver Spring, Maryland. In that role, she worked in coordination with Bias and other recording studios, as appropriate, to obtain augmented services for her clients, such as when they might need a larger studio setting, say for an orchestra, or needed both a producer and a recording engineer for the same session, etc.

While running All Access Audio, Ms. Gerber-Salins attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and obtained her M.A. from the Communication Program about 2012.

As part of her graduate studies, Ms. Gerber-Salins did research for and gave a presentation to the 2010 International Art of Record Production Conference on her audio production technology research paper, which was published as part of the conference's 2010 proceedings. It was titled Adult MP3 Users’ Perspectives on Past and Present Consumer Audio Technology: Does The Music Still Matter?.

(Note. If you are interested in a deeper discussion about strengths and weaknesses of MP3 as an audio file encoding format, a comparison between it and several other audio file encoding formats is provided on this website on the Download page for the first ever mastered version of the Annapolis High School's (AHS) 1959 performance of The Curcifixion. —That discusion is provided as background to assist users in deciding which audio file encoding format they what to choose for their Free download of the mastered and restored The Crucifixion.— See Free Download of Mastered and Restored 1959 Recording.)

While studying for her masters in Communications, Ms. Gerber-Salins taught undergraduate and graduate-level audio technology courses at American University in Washington, DC, entrepreneurship courses at Howard Community College, (main campus Columbia, Maryland) and audio production workshops at the Levine School of Music in Washington DC.  Ms. Gerber-Salins also taught Mass Media Effects [WHERE??] during her graduate studies at Johns Hopkins.

University Professor

About 2013 Ms. Gerber-Salins joined the Morgan State University faculty in Baltimore, Maryland as an Assistant Professor in the School of Global Journalism and Communication for Multiplatform Production.  Her teaching interests included:

Six years later in fall of 2019, Ms. Gerber-Salins moved to Howard University faculty in Washington, DC as an Assistant Professor in the Cathy Hughes School of Communications, Department of Media, Journalism and Film.  Her teaching responsibilities at Howard  have a more significant emphasis on sound recording for films. 

Research Interests: 

Paper Presentations:

“Interracial Couples and Families in Commercials: Are We 2018 Getting It Right?” Paper accepted and presented at the Maryland Communication Association Conference on September 15, 2018, Washington, DC with co-author Dr. Janice Smith

“The Role of Social Media in the Effect of Edutainment in 2018 Health Campaigns: A Meta-Analysis.” Paper presented at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA with co-author Dr. Rodney Carveth

“A Meta-Analysis of Edutainment Studies: Lessons To Be 2018 Learned” Paper presented at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference, Baltimore, MD with co-authors Dr. Rodney Carveth and Ms. Christin Smith

“Exploring the Power Paradigm in Record Production: 2011 An Analysis of Three Collaborative Studio Performances.” Abstract accepted by the International Conference on Art of Record Production, San Francisco, California

“Adult MP3 Users’ Perspectives on Past and Present 2010 Consumer Audio Technology: Does the Music Still Matter?” Paper presented to the International Conference on Art of Record Production, Leeds, United Kingdom. Published Article link: https://www.arpjournal.com/asarpwp/adult-mp3-users’-perspectives-on-past-and-present-consumer-audio-technology-does-the-music-still-matter/

Recent Meeting

As I was nearing completion of the album Hymns and Songs of My Mother, Ms. Gerber-Salins and I met informally at a neighborhood coffee shop to visit, reminisce, and discuss details of wrapping up loose ends of the album, including getting her to sing harmony on one more hymn "Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us", which we eventually accomplished. We took the following photo at that meeting -

David and Heidi Leah Gerber-Salins

Other Credits

Ms. Gerber-Salins sang duets on numerous hymns. See credit pages at Phase I Duets and Phase II Duets.

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