The Crucifixion Download Process
Step 1: Explantions

TortoiseClimbing is extremely pleased to make available a Free download of the 1st ever Digitally Mastered and Restored audio file developed from the 1959 vintage, monaural, historic, private recording by the AHS Choirs' (classes of 1959, 1960, and 1961) of their live 1959 performances of John Stainer's The Crucifixion.

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Why Available Now

Download Process

Which audio file format type to download?

Where Will My Copy Download to?

What You Get

Creation of the Mastered and Restored Audio File

Closing Thoughts

Why Available Now

It became possible the beginning of 2023 for TortoiseClimbing Audio™ to provide this mastered and restored audio file Free, because the score for The Crucifixion became Public Domain. Therefore, TortoiseClimbing Audio™ developed the digitally mastered and restored version from the vintage, live, historic 1959 monaural, private recording. All persons interested in the AHS choirs' vintage, historic performance can download this digital audio file, Free.

Download Process

Downloading this free audio file and other information from this website is a 3-step process.

  1. First. This expanations page is provided as the 1st step in the Download process. Read as much as you wish. When done, click on the button at the bottom of this page that says Next Page >. That will take you to the basic information collection form.

  2. Second. The Second step for obtaining your free download is to provide some background information. (NONE WILL BE SHARED WITH ANY COMMERCIAL ENTITY). This information is requested because it has been so many decades since this historic performance was given at the old Annapolis High School building at 801 Chase St. (now Maryland Hall). Therefore, it is desired to gain some insights into who and why you have an interest in this 1st ever mastered and restored version developed from the vintage, historic recording of the live 1959 performances.

  3. Third. Just like you will click on the button at the bottom of this page for Next Page >, when you finish filling out the step 2 background information form, Click on the link/button near the botton of the step 2 page to Send Step 2 Information and go to Step 3 Download Page. (Clicking on that Send link/button at the bottom of the step 2 webpage will send your background information and automatically transfer you to the Download page.) There you can click on the link for the audio file format you wish to download to your system.

    If you wish, you can also click on the links to download supporting documents for following along with the performance.

  4. After you download the files you want, feel free to explore other information on this website. The above SubMenu and Main Menu allow you to navigate to any subject that interests you.

Which audio file format type to download?

If you have questions on which audio file format type to select, click here to transfer to Choosing Download audio file format.

Where Will My Copy Download to?

If you are not familiar with current browser practices for where they save downloaded files, a discussion about where on your system browsers now place downloaded files is found at Where will my download be saved on my system?

What You Get

The Great News

The 1959 vintage, historic recording preserved the 1959 live performances. Further, via digital mastering and restoration, the performance is even better than the live performance. All volume and numerous acoustic issues are addressed. Subject to fidelity limitations of the 1959 technology used to make the tapings, the mastered and restored version is now a better listening experience than originally conceived for the Choirs' and soloists performances.

Other Supporting Documentation for The Crucifixion

For a playlist and performers, see Playlist.

For lyrics and performers, for following along, see Lyrics and Performers from 1959 AHS The Crucifixion.

If you want to download files you can reference offline, or even print, the following files are available as downloadable pdf's from the Download page, which is reached via providing the requested background information on the Next Page.

A pdf version of the Lyrics and Performers webpage is available for download and printing. (It is 14 pages, and just like the audio file, it will download to the "Downloads" folder on your system.)

A pdf of the full score is also available to download and print. - It is 58 pages.

Creation of the Mastered and Restored Audio File

Via Digital Mastering, the recording's uncomfortable multiple volume level changes throughout the original 1959 private recording are fixed.

For those interested, those audio volume level changes were caused by 2 things:

Via various Restoration techniques, in addition to the mastering, TortoiseClimbingAudio largely succeeded in:

(While these processes allowed raising the volume of the solos to match the choruses, in some bass solos the auditorium reverberation/echo remains very perceptible.)

If you want to know more background about the processes that went into making of the original vintage, unmastered, private, limited edition record of the 1959 performances by the choirs, click here to transfer to AHS 1959 Choir Recording.


This Mastered and Restored audio file developed from the 1959 record admirably achieves its purpose of addressing virtually all the annoying problems of the vintage 1959 recording, thus producing a dramatically more listenable performance. However, the tape recorder and microphone used to make tapings of the 2 live 1959 performances of The Crucifixion given by the AHS choirs was a nice consumer quality product, i.e., NOT studio, Hi-Fi quality by today's High Fidelity standards. Acoustic limitations include:

  1. The 1959 performances were recorded live with the mic located a LONG distance from the performers. So, even with restoration, there remain suggestions of audience noises here and there;
  2. Also, because the single mic was located at the opposite end of the auditorium up in the balcony, in addition to audience noises, there is auditorium reverberation/echo, which is much more noticalable on the bass solos;
  3. It is a Mono recording;
  4. The frequency response range is Quite Restricted, i.e., while very nice, it is NOT a Hi-Fi recording;
  5. Occasional audible anomalies remain; and
  6. There is background tape hum.

Closing Thoughts



If you like what TortoiseClimbing Audio™ was able to achieve with this limited fidelity, vintage, historic performance of Stainer's Easter Passion music, The Crucifixion, where David sang parts for Jesus, you might also enjoy the forthcoming collaboration that presents selections from his parents favorite, old traditional hymns and songs.

In contrast to the limited fidelity of the 1959 AHS performances of The Crucifixion, David's hymns and songs album is Stereo, Hi-Fi, commercially produced, studio recording in collaboration with outstanding musicians-vocal and instrumental.) The draft master is finished and being critiqued. Completion is targeted for late Spring 2023. Audio samples are available in the Playlist at Playlist. Details are found at Hymns and Songs for Living.

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