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The following summaries are provided in Alphabetical order by current/available and future/planned. These are quick overviews of recordings from TortoiseClimbing Audio™. Greater details about each individual recording are available by clicking on the dropdown submemu in the upper left, then clicking on the recording you want to know more about.


SONG: "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel. (Multi-part harmony version of this haunting song.) ©1989 (Spring 2024)

ALBUM: Hymns & Songs of My Mother
- Standard Vocal version (Spring 2024)

SONG: "I Am the Starlight", by Andrew Lloyd Weber ©1984, (Spring 2024)

ALBUM: The Crucifixion, by John Stainer, public domain. (1959 performance by AHS choirs.) (Available since 2023)

SONG: "The Rose", by Amanda McBroom, (Multi-part harmony version of this romantic song.) © 1979 (Spring 2024)


ALBUMS: Other versions of Hymns & Songs of My Mother

  1. Backup accompaniment version for singing with, minus just lead vocal (Summer 2024), and
  2. Backup accompaniment version for singing with, minus all vocals (Summer 2024)
  3. Augmented easy listening version, without vocals (Fall 2024)

Advanced PODCASTS of chapters from eBook (Working title) History Through 27 Hymns and Songs (companion to album Hymns and Songs of My Mother) (Beginning as soon as completion of editing of eBook.)

AUDIOBOOK Following completion of the Podcast series of chapters, the completed Audiobook (Late 2024)

ALBUM: Kathy's Songs by Kathy Haupt (unknown)

ALBUM: Nostolgic Solos (Late 2024)

ALBUM: Romantic Duets (TBD)


"And So It Goes" (Spring 2024): Song

Multi-part harmony version of this haunting © 1989 song by Billy Joel, recorded with friends Terry and Heidi Gerber-Salins (who also produced Phase I of Hymns and Songs of My Mother and sings duets on many of the hymns) . This poignant love song was recorded at Bias studio, likely in 1991-92. It's simple accompaniment emphasizes both the poignacy and the vocal harmonies. It will become available Spring, 2024, for download and streaming from the Online Music Store. For more details about this song see "And So It Goes".

Hymns & Songs of My Mother (Spring 2024): Album
(Standard Vocal Performance - Other versions to follow)

Hymns and Songs of My Mother is the 2nd public album produced (targeted for early Spring 2024). For more details about this album see Hymns and Songs. [Several final selections are available for streaming from the Annotated Playlist) and shortly will become available from the online store at Bandcamp.] (While this is the 4th album TortoiseClimbing Audio™ has produced, it is the 2nd album for Public release.)

The impetus for creation the Hymns and Songs album indirectly was David's father's death in late 1996. Subsequently, in Spring of 1998, (some months before his mother also would die that August) she requested TortoiseClimbing Audio™ create a quality recording of selections from their favorite hymns and religious songs. David and his mother jointly selected the wide ranging list included on this album. It is a homage to both of them, and includes 27 selections:

  1. There are 21 widely ranging hymns selected from hymnals his parents collected over their lives as their respective churches replaced older hymnals with newer hymnals, plus
  2. There are 6 religious songs selected from several sources:

A number of professional musicians were involved, both instrumental and vocal, bringing a wealth of experiences and skills to this magnificent recording. Credits for each participant musician and vocalist are included on individual webpages, grouped by the recording phase they participated in. To aid in finding specific pages of interest, an Artists' Cross-reference is also provided to facilitate easily locating information about specific artists or instruments.

Because all 21 hymns, except lyrics for "Morning Has Broken" are now public domain, and the growth in popularity of newer Praise and Worship hymns, these hymns have largely disappeared from many commercially sold hymnals, or from the hymns churches choose to project for singing during services.

Lyrics for 1 song ("Be Thou with Them") are still under copyright, plus there is the unpublished Contemporary Christian song ("Welcome Home"), written and composed by Ms. Kathy Haupt. (She gave TortoiseClimbing Audio™ permission to arrange and make this 1st recording of her song.)

NOTE. Work on creation of this Hymns and Songs of My Mother album took place over many years. As a result, descriptions on this website regarding the making of this recording are grouped by the 2 widely separated Phases when they occurred. For those interesed, immediately below is a short summary of how that project evolved. Click below to open this window.

Phase I

Phase I of the recording began immediately after his mother's request in Spring 1998 to make the recording. Ms. Gerber-Salins became producer, vocal arranger for several hymns, audio engineer, and a significant duet partner on many numbers. Her creativity as producer significantly shaped what became the final product. (Ms. Gerber-Salins sings lead and harmony parts on her original arrangement of "Were You There.") Vocals on this album are a mix of solo, duet, and multi-part harmonies, some a cappella.

After his mother's death, work on this recording slowed. Then in about 2004, because of other competing events in the lives of both David and Ms. Gerber-Salins, TortoiseClimbing Audio™ put this project on hold for a number of years.


Fortunately, during the long hiatus between Phases I and II, David and Ms. Gerber-Salins shared a number of brainstorming sessions analyzing needed future work, and developed extensive notes. Those notes enabled David to take on the Producer's rule in Phase II implementing their notes.

Phase II

Beginning in 2019, David again had time to devote to this project, so TortoiseClimbing™ undertook work under Phase II to complete this project. At that time, Ms. Gerber-Salins' life was still wrapped into other life endevors, so someone else was needed as audio engineer and Associate Producer. That person is Mr. Bill McElroy, who contributed other ideas as the work progressed.

This is the same Mr. Bill McElroy, who engineered David's 1st Private recording, Solo Collection. In 1993 Bill left Bias Recording Studio and the recording industry. However, he subsequently returned to the recording business, first as a mastering studio in Richmond,VA, and then in 2000 a new studio in Ashland, VA. Thus, he was again available, and able to replace Ms. Gerber-Salins. It was sort of a homecoming to be able to return to working with Bill to complete this project at his new enterprise, SlippedDisc™, as Associate Producer and audio recording engineer.

Various augmentations were added to the overall project, including:

In addition TortoiseClimbing™ took on the related efforts to:

In 2022 & 23, Ms. Gerber-Salins again became available for limited advice in completing Phase II. That included providing tuning for one number before an auto accident, being struck from behind, and needing to recover. She subsequently provided valuable comments for refinements to the draft master for this album.

-- End of Accordian Window on evolution of "Hymns and Songs of My Mother" --

"I Am the Starlight" (Spring 2024): Song

Like the poignant, romantic song "And So It Goes" above, this song was also likely recorded in 1991-1992 before beginning Solo Collection and the unfinished Romantic Duets. It will become available Spring, 2024, for download and streaming from the Online Music Store as:

This is a dramatic baritone and tenor duet in a Rock Broadway Musical style, with synthesized orchestra, bass guitar and piano accompaniment. It is the strong motivational number from the 2nd act of the musical, Starlight Express. This duet takes place between the protagonist, Rusty, and the mythical Starlight Express. Starlight gives Rusty the advice that the Starlight Express is within Rusty. Just believe in yourself and you can do anything! For more details about this song see "I Am the Starlight."

The Crucifixion (Available since 2023 - free): Album
Annapolis High School Choirs, 1959

This is TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s 1st Publicly released album. (Previous recordings by TortoiseClimbing Audio™ were Private releases). This restoration and first time mastering of the 1959 AHS recording is the 4th production worked on. For details about The Crucifixion see The Crucifixion.

(Note. The 2nd production for Public release by TortoiseClimbing Audio™, Hymns and Songs of My Mother, is targeted for release Spring 2024, see below.)

The Crucifixion's score became Public Domain beginning of 2023, allowing TortoiseClimbing Audio™ to provide Free audio file downloads of the digitally mastered and restored version of this distinctive, vintage recording made from the historic 1959 performances.

The original 1959 monaural LP record made of The Crucifixion was developed from the consumer quality monaural tape recordings of 2 performances given by the Annapolis High School choirs in spring 1959, Robert F. Kunkle choral music director. Participating were Mr. Kunkle's: mixed chorus; two women's choruses; and limited soloists from the mixed chorus. Members of the choirs were in graduating classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961. This 2023 mastered and restored file is developed from the 1959 private, limited edition, monaural LP made and sold to choir members and families.

This performance is a unique, much more choral arrangement than indicated in the score, which uses soloists to sing perhaps half of the performance. In this production, the women's choirs sing the numbers scored as recitatives and arias for soloists, creating a dramatically more choral performance. Thus, instead of the usual, limited quality church soloists, you are treated to the wonderful sound of womens' choirs on those recitatives and arias.

For color variation, as indicated in the score, Mr. Kunkle included the few limited, short solos Stainer's score shows as coming from members of the choir. They are sung by student members of the mixed choir. (David is one of those student soloists, singing parts of Christ. It is the earliest recording of a young David.)

In addition to this 2023 mastered and restored audio file being available for download from this website, it is also available from the online music store via Bandcamp.

You can obtain your free copy of this mastered and restored digital audio file by either:

"The Rose" (Spring 2024): Song

This song by Amanda McBroom is about what is the meaning of love and its importance in life. It was used in the 1979 movie The Rose starring Bette Midler, and was a successful single release.

David recorded this song with colleagues, likely in 1992 at Bias. It's accompaniment is mostly by my friend Terry on his guitars, with a touch of synthesizer. As part of remixing and remastering, this became a substantial revision in the interpretation of on how this song is mixed. It will become available Spring, 2024, for download and streaming from the Online Music Store. For more details about this song see "The Rose."


Other Versions of Hymns and Songs of My Mother (Later 2024): Albums

Several additional version of the album Hymns and Songs of My Mother will become available later in 2024. The first 2 are intended for use as background accompaniments in churches. The later is intended for relaxing listening to just instrumentals of the hymns.

  1. Commonly referred to as a "minus 1," meaning the lead vocal is removed so a church soloist can sing along with the recorded accompaniment,
  2. A variation on a "minus 1" is to remove all the harmony vocals so church choirs could use the accompaniment. We are investigating whether we should also create a variation on this, where the descant harmonies are left in the mix. That is because music for the descants is not included in most hymnals, and churches may not have sopranos in their choir who can sing that high.
  3. An easy listening instrumental version of the hymns.

History Through 27 Hymns and Songs eBook (Sometime during 2024): Publication as eBook

Two recording products will be created from the companion ebook. (The ebook will become available in the music store as part of an optional bundle with its companion hymns' album recording. The ebook will also be available alone for download from a different online publications store. Links to both online stores are easily accessible from this website's Store Access page.) The following audio recordings will be made from the companion eBook:

Audio files from The Companion eBook Publication

Advanced Podcasts (Shortly after completing eBook)

Note. The ebook publication, History Through 27 Hymns and Songs is the companion to the album Hymns and Songs of My Mother. (See Publications for details about this eBook.)

When the publication History Through 27 Hymns and Songs is finalized in 2024, TortoiseCimbing Audio™ will begin recording a series of advance audio podcasts of the chapters from that book. Those advance chapter podcasts will be available as:

Audiobook (Late 2024)

When the series of podcasts are completed, the complete audiobook will be assembled and made available. Target is late 2024.

Kathy's Songs (Unknown): Album

Many thanks to Ms. Kathy Brigman Haupt, the composer and writer of "Welcome Home" for granting Tortoise Climbing Audio™ permission to create an arrangement and make the 1st public recording of her song, "Welcome Home".

This song became a favorite of David's mother when Kathy wrote and performed this original Contemporary Christian song for the funeral of Kathy's grandmother. As a result, David's mother wanted this song included as part of this collection. With Kathy's permission, TortoiseClimbing Audio™ facilitated creation of an arrangement for:

Note. Previously in her youth, Ms. Haupt wrote several other contemporary christian songs. TortoiseClimbing Audio™ proposed creating arrangements for each and recording a small album containing Kathy's other songs. To date, Ms. Haupt is reluctant to have that done.

Nostolgic Solos (Target, late 2024): Album

An early version of this album was the 1st record produced by TortoiseClimbing Audio™ in 1993, titled Solo Collection. It was Privately released on cassette for family and friends. The plan is to revisit the songs on that recording and upgrade using post production processing, remixing and remastering, in accordance with TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s evolved mission of high quality products. We are also evaluating whether to augment the accompaniments. It will be re-released as a Public offering under the new title Nostolgic Solos. That will make it TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s 3rd Publically released album.

This is a collection of ballads from the 1940's through WWII and a few decades afterward about values that make life worth living. It includes songs about: love; loss; sorrow; bereavement, dedication; and needed social change. The original acompaniment for most songs on that album was solo piano. TortoiseClimbing Audio™ is investigating augmenting the piano only accompaniments.

Additionally, we have to replace the couple of karaoke accompaniments:

  1. Use of karaoke tracks as accompaniments is no longer compatible with the evolution of TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s mission to only produce high quality recordings; plus
  2. Using them would create the additional issue of needing to obtain a Master Use License for the right to use those accompaniment recordings.

Thus, for the planned upgrade and public release of that album, TortoiseCliming Audio™ is investigating options for replacing the Karaoke accomplaniments, and augmenting the piano accompaniments. All of those will require getting arrangements created, plus recording the new arrangements.

The plan is to revisit and publically re-release the upgraded version of that album, plus write a companion history publication. Work on that project is anticipated to be concurrent with production of the advance podcast series from the eBook History Through 27 Hymns and Songs. Completion of that series is projected for at least late 2024.

Note. Since all songs on the Nostolgic Solos album are still under copyright, there is the cost of getting mechanial licenses for all songs, and paying royalty fees for each copy of the album.

Romantic Duets (TBD): Album

Following the private release of Solo Collection in 1993, TortoiseClimbing Audio™ began production of another album with the working title of Romantic Duets. That album was put on hold to produce Hymns and Songs of My Mother.

Work on the Romantic Duets album began in 1993 after Mr. McElroy left Bias and Ms. Gerber-Salins became TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s lead audio engineer and co-producer. The duets included on the album are a selection of popular romantic songs, primarily from the 1970's through the early 1990's, largely in the style of ballads. (All accompaniments were prerecored Karaoke tracks.

Note. Use of karaoke tracks as accompaniments is no longer compatible with how TortoiseClimbing Audio™'s mission has evolved to only produce high quality recordings, so that is a challenge to be addressed.)

For the next 4 years TortoiseClimbing Audio™ gradually recorded materials for that project. Thus, production of that album was ongoing at the time David's mother requested TortoiseClimbing Audio™ produce the quality recording of Hymns and Songs of My Mother for public release. (As noted above, work on Romantic Duets was put on hold in 1998 to focus on the Hymns and Songs of My Mother.)

The analogue materials from the master tapes for the Romantic Duets album have been decoded from Dolby A and converted to digital. However, no decision has been made about completing those draft recordings and public release.

That recording would also have to deal with copyright royalty requirements plus the Master Use License requirement for the karaoke accompaniment tracks.

Note. Any work on this album presumably would take place after completion of:

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