Phase I Vocalists

Phase I included 3 vocalists:

  1. Mr. Goettee provides the vocal lead on all hymns and songs except "Were You There," where he provides backup harmony;

  2. Ms. Gerber-Salins was essentilly David's duet partner on almost all of the hymns and lead on "Were You There"; and

  3. Ms. Dorothy Gould Gerber provides a vocal part only on refrains of the last verse of "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today." Together with Ms. Gerber-Salins, they provided the magnificent very high descant duo harmony on the refrains of the last verse of that hymn.

    However, the influence of that duo descant resulted in dramatically expanding planning for descants, and addition of descants to several other hymns in Phase II.

NOTE. Addition of those additional descants in Phase II was with other vocalists.


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