Hymns and Songs for Living:
Phase I – 1998 - 2004

Work completed during Phase I:

The entire structure for the album (with the exception of Welcome Home) was completed during Phase I. This included:

Biographical information for each of the artists involved during Phase I may be accessed via the dropdown links above left which are grouped by category for their contributions to this album. Click on the dropdown button above left, and then on the appropriate link to go to information about each of the artist categories for each person involved in each of the functional areas.

Not Completed

Although almost all of the foundations for this album were completed during Phase I, the following things remained troubling:

All these were addressed as part of the Phase II work.

Technical Note

The Phase I work on Hymns and Songs for Living  took place before there was wide commercial prevalence of digital tools now available in recording studios because of the digital revolution. Thus, the technical medium used in Studio B at Bias Recording Studio in Springfield, Virginia for recording this album was:

All the materials were converted to digital for the Phase II work.