Nostalgic Solos

Planned Approach

In 1993 TortoiseClimbing Audio™ privately released a limited number of Cassettes of this album for friends and family, titled Solo Collection. Songs on that album are from shortly before, during the WWII era and shortly thereafter, plus several ballads from the 1970's, and two spanish influenced songs. It is entirely solo vocal, and dominantly piano accompaniment. There are a few exceptions where Karaoke track accompaniments were used.

The plan is: following completion in 2024 of the Hymns and Songs of My Mother project, to then perform post production processing, record new accompaniments to replace the karaoke ones, remaster and re-release for the public under the new title Nostalgic Solos. The previously recorded materials from the analogue master tapes are already converted to digital, and will be used to create the digitally remastered version of this album. The plan for the Nostalgic Solos project is for TortoiseClimbing Audio™ to perform the post production processing, and continue working with Bill McElroy at SlippedDisc to record new accompaniments replacing karaoke ones (possibly augment other accompaniments), remix and remaster.

Historical Technical Note

In the early 1990's when the Solo Collection project was recorded at Bias Recording Studio in Studio B, it was before the digital revolution in recording became widely commerically available. Thus, almost the same technical analogue recording medium later used to record Phase I of Hymns and Songs of My Mother, was used for recording Solo Collection. Namely:

Bias later upgraded Studio B to use Dolby SR as the noise reduction technology on the 24-track analogue master tapes, as they had previously done for Studio A. (Thus, Hymns and Songs of My Mother, which was recorded years later, was recorded using Dolby SR.)

Subsequent steps will include:

For your background, the playlist of songs on the cassette can be accessed from the above dropdown local submenu. That playlist provides an initial indication of what is expected to become available on the public Nostalgic Solos version of this recording.


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