Kathy's Songs


Kathy wrote a small number of songs between the time she was in high school and some years later when she worked in Annapolis as Youth Minister at David's parent's church.

Kathy refers to her early songs as "... the rantings of a Jesus-loving crazy teen!"

Of her songs, Welcome Home is the most recent. It was written as a memorial for her grandmother when she died while Kathy was working as Youth Minister in Annapolis, Maryland. The next year Kathy returned to South Carolina and to:

Her songs are in a style now referred to as Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). It originated in the 1960's from the Jesus Movement. Others writing CCM have followed various popular musical styles. Kathy's major influence is the Folk music style.

None of Kathy's music was originally written down. It all existed in her head. After Kathy wrote "Welcome Home," on a subsequent trip of her cousin Donna from Alaska, she had Kathy play all her songs and record them on a cassette. Donna had those recordings transcribed as sheetmusic. The hand transcribed sheetmusic for "Welcome Home" was extremely valuable in the process of making the new arrangement for that song used on the Hymns and Songs for Living recording.


David initiated outreach to Kathy about the possibility of creating a small recording containing arrangements of all her songs. To date, Kathy does not support having her previous songs recorded and made public. That remains an ongoing exploration with Kathy.

During David’s prior involvement recording Hymns and Songs for Living, he made contacts with a variety of persons that work in various phases of music. It therefore it is hoped that if TortoiseClimbing™ undertakes making the little album of Kathy’s Songs, it would be considerably more straightforward than was creation of the album Hymns and Songs for Living.

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