Jo Morrison
Celtic Harp

Jo Morrison and cletic harp

Ms. Morrison is featured on Celtic harp on the hymn Morning Has Broken.  She is nationally known for her evocative interpretation of Scottish and Irish music on Celtic harp.  Her knowledge and understanding of the Celtic genre puts her in great demand as performer, adjudicator, and teacher across the country.  Drawing on her Scottish heritage and on her experiences from several trips to the British Isles, Ms. Morrison paints a vivid image of Celticdom through her performances.

She is featured on the soundtrack to the Scholastic edition of the children's book, Rainbabies, recorded with John Jennings in 1999.  She also has musical roots in piano, and has written a lovely set of piano tunes which she also plays to great effect.

She has published five highly acclaimed and popular collections of harp arrangements.  These books contain both original tunes and arrangements of traditional tunes. There are books for beginners and books for intermediate and advanced harpers:

She is also part of the duo, Port Righ. Ms. Morrison has also been doing Celtic Christmas programs for churches and other venues for many years.  They have several programs that can be done as is, or they can fit various requested carols into a program.

When not performing, Ms. Morrison spends her time teaching harp privately, in classes and workshops, as well as composing and arranging Celtic music for the Celtic harp.  She gives scholarly lectures on the history, folklore, and music of the Celtic harp.

See her website for contact information Jo Morrison, Celtic Harper.

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