Cynthia Mauney
1st Violin

Ms. Mauney was born in Roselyn Heights, NY and grew up in Oberlin, Ohio.

She studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Oberlin College, where in addition to her musical pursuits she received a B.A. in French Literature. 

Oberlin College played an important part in the Fisk Jubilee Singers becoming successful in their initial fund-raising efforts for their college in 1871. That is an important part of the hymn history story told under the title of Just A Closer Walk with Thee, and includes a discussion of how such plantation spirituals went from being strictly part of an oral tradition, to becoming commercially published.

Ms. Mauney’s experience as a violinist includes being assistant concertmaster of both the:

She has been a vital member of the Washington DC music community for decades through her orchestral and chamber work.

Unlike others in the chamber orchestra for this album, Ms. Mauney was not a member of one of the Military music service bands.  Instead she was a freelance musician she learned the Air Force Strolling Strings repertoire and performed with members of that group many times over the years in private functions.

Other freelance activities included: recording artist, including numerous scores for National Geographic Specials; and many CDs as well as countless television and radio jingles.  Other experiences in Washington DC include: working extensively with the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra; the Handel Festival Orchestra; and the National Gallery Orchestra, et al.

Ms. Mauney studied the Alexander Technique with Marjorie Barstow for many years.  She continued her study of the Alexander Technique at the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia, where she joined the faculty for over 10 years. The influence of that work reverberates through Cynthia's life as a violinist, performer, and teacher.

Other interests include: scuba diving; gardening; visual arts; and digital graphic design.  Ms. Mauney experiences the joy and the graceful unfolding of life through the eyes of her two daughters, Celeste Tian-Tian, and Ariel Bei-ni.


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