Dorothy Leah Gould Gerber
Descant, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Ms. Dorothy Leah Gould Gerber (deceased) July 1940 Boston, MA to May 16, 2019 Reston, VA. 

Bachelor of Music from University of Colorado at Boulder.

This album is indebted to Ms. Gerber-Salins for convincing her mother, Ms. Dorothy Gould Gerber, to come to the Bias Recording Studio and add her magnificent high soprano voice, along with her daughter's, to record the magnificent high descant to the hymn, Christ The Lord Is Risen Today. Her fantastic high soprano descant is heard together with Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins and other harmony voices on the Alleluia refrains throughout the last verse of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.

Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins' convincing her mom, Ms. Dorothy Gerber, to participate in adding the descant to the Alleluia refrains on the last verse of the hymn Christ the Lord Is Risen Today demonstrated to David the musical value Descants can add to some Hymns and Songs. Based on the success of adding that Descant on this hymn, David decided in Phase II to add Descants to several additional hymns on this recording. That is a tribute to Dorothy and Heidi Gerber-Salins.

Note, as a companion to the topic of descants added to several additional hymns under Phase II:

FYI - Ms. Gerber-Salins was especially pleased she got this only recording her mother ever made together with her in the recording studio, i.e., it is the only studio recording she has of her and her mother together. (That excludes the many choral recordings Ms. Dorothy Gould Gerber was part of with the Washington Choral Arts Society.)

Ms. Dorothy Gould Gerber was a longtime member of the Washington Choral Arts Society, which requires an annual audition to be allowed to be a member for the coming year.  The chorus began in 1963 for a Messiah concert with the National Symphony Orchestra, and formally incorporated in 1966.  The chorus was led by Norman Scribner until his retirement as conductor in 2012, and was considered one of the region’s preeminent symphonic choirs. 

During Mr. Scribner’s tenure as conductor, the Choral Arts Society:


The chorus collaborated with conductors such as:

As such, Ms. Dorothy Gerber had the opportunity to sing and record with numerous world-renowned conductors in many countries.

She was the leader of the Washington, DC madrigal singers’ group, The Morley Muse for over a decade. 

Presumably named after Thomas Morley (1557 – 1602) who lived during the time of Shakespeare.  He was an English composer, theorist, singer and organist of the Renaissance.  He was one of the foremost members of the English Madrigal School.

She was an advocate of musical literacy and taught at the Herndon, Virginia Montessori Country School for a quarter century.


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