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Other Assistance in Phase II

Post Production

With the advent of digital audio processing capabilities, post production processing became another important tool available in the audio production process for improving final production quality of recordings to make them more accurate, and thus more pleasing to the listener's ear. For this project, audio post production processing was performed by two persons.

Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins

She was producer of Phase I of this recordinhg when she was at Bias. For bio details about Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins click on Heidi Gerber-Salins.

In 2023, she is a full-time Assistant Professor at Howard University, teaching multi-media and film audio. In her spare time she continues limited aspects of AllAccessAudio.

Because of her extensive knowledge and emotional involvement with this project, she volunteered to assist with post production processing for the Hymns and Songs of My Mother project.

She completed post production processing on the song "Be Thou with Them" and provided to Mr. McElroy at Slipped DISC. Unfortunately shortly after that, she was injured in a car crash, struck by a drunk driver. That created a significant and indeterminate period of therapy and recovery time before Ms. Gerber-Salins would be able to resume performing post production processing. (Therefore, David took on that functionality.)

David Goettee.

After Ms. Gerber-Salins' injury made her unavailable for an indeterminate period to work on post production work for this project, TortoiseClimbingAudio took on the post production role. It expanded its access of Adobe's software from just Dreamweaver®, used for building this website. The complete suite of Adobe's software programs includes Audition®. That is digital audio workstation software fairly widely used used by a number of podcasters for editing their podcasts. For purposes of this project, it includes a number of post production editing capabilities. Mr. Goettee learned and used those capabilities to perform audio post production processing on all other numbers in this recording, as appropriate.

Note. Having gained those skills, Mr. Goettee later used them to master and restore the 1959 Annapolis High School choirs' recording of The Crucifixion. TortoiseClimbing Audio™ is providing free downloads of the 1959 performance of The Crucifixion from this website. If interested, see Annapolis High School choirs' The Crucifixion.

He will also use Audition in creation of the advanced podcasts of chapters from the eBook, History Thorugh 26 Hymns and Songs, and the final audiobook.

For bio details about David click on David Goettee.

Critique of Draft Mixes

Later Ms. Gerber-Salins provided a valuable 2nd opinion critique of the draft master. Her suggestions for creating a better final product were very helpful. While we explored the possibility of her recording a new harmony part for a verse in "Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us," that did not happen.


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