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David Goettee:
Producer - Phase II

David Goettee

David's retirement in 2019 freed up time, which allowed TortoiseClimbing™ to devote considerable efforts for finishing:

Since the Phase I Producer, Ms. Gerber-Salins, had moved on in life to being a full-time professor in audio and media, she was no longer available to this project. Fortunately, before Phase II began, she had succeeded in helping David accumulate a lot of knowledge about the role of Producer. Thus, with Bill McElroy as Associate Producer, David took on the role of Producer.

Preperations for David Becoming Producer

During Phase I, Mr. Goettee had the opportunity to work with Ms. Gerber-Salins and learn by observing decisions she made as the Phase I Producer and why, to create variety and color. Those experiences provided David with a foundation of information about the processes of production for finishing this project.

More importantly, during the extended hiatus between Phases I and II he gained additional training about production from her. That occurred by her repeatedly providing critique inputs to David's analysis notes of the Phase I draft recordings. Those included both where he thought numbers could benefit from changes, and proposed ideas how he thought those changes should be made. Those discussions produced increasily refined notes that benefitted from Ms. Gerber-Salins feedback for refinements to improve the draft of Hymns and Songs for Living.

Those sets of experiences:

provided the needed information and concepts used for guiding work under Phase II to complete this Hymns and Songs for Living recording.

Bill McElroy's Assistance in Phase II

Additionally during phase II, TortoiseClimbingAudio had access to suggestions, guidance and facilitation from Mr. McElroy as Associate Producer.

The assistance from both Ms. Gerber-Salins in developing the plan, and Mr. McElroy's assistance in further refining and expanding the plan as part of carrying out Phase II were significant, and are gratefully acknowledged!


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