David Goettee:
Producer - Phase II

When David retired and had time to devote to finishing the Hymns and Songs for Living recording, his Phase I Producer, Ms. Gerber-Salins, had moved on in life to being a full-time professor in audio and media. Fortunately by that time, David had accumulated a lot of preparation for performing the role of Producer.

Preperations for Becoming Producer

During Phase I, Mr. Goettee had the opportunity to work with Ms. Gerber-Salins and learn by observing decisions she made as the Phase I Producer and why, to create variety and color. Those experiences provided David with a foundation of information about the process of producing a recording.

He gained additional training about production during the extended hiatus between Phases I and II. That was by repeatedly analyzing the draft recordings from Phase I and making notes, both for where he thought those numbers could benefit from changes, and proposed ideas how he thought those improvements could be made. He was able to discuss versions of those notes with Ms. Gerber-Salins, who gave feedback for refinements for improving the Hymns and Songs for Living from the Phase I recordings.

Those sets of experiences:

provided the needed information and concepts Mr. Goettee used for guiding work under Phase II to complete this Hymns and Songs for Living recording.

Bill McElroy's Assistance in Phase II

In additon, during phase II Mr. McElroy as Associate Producer, provided suggestions, guidance and facilitation.

The assistance from both Ms. Gerber-Salins in developing the plan, and Mr. McElroy's assistance in further refining and expanding the plan as part of carrying out Phase II were significant, and are gratefully acknowledged!


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