David Goettee:
Producer - Phase II

How Mr. Goettee Became Producer

During Phase I, Mr. Goettee had the opportunity to work with Ms. Gerber-Salins and observe the examples of decisions she made as Producer to create the variety and color throughout the draft recording. Those provided a foundation of information about the process of producing a recording.

Then during the extended hiatus between Phases I and II, Mr. Goettee developed detailed analysis notes on each of the numbers for things he thought were good ideas for improvements. Those served as the basis for discussions with Ms. Gerber-Salins. Together they identified various ideas for how the Hymn and Songs' recordings could be made better.

Those two sets of experiences provided the needed information and concepts Mr. Goettee applied in Phase II to complete this Hymns and Songs recording:

In additon, during phase II Mr. McElroy also provided suggestions, guidance and facilitation in his role as Associate Producer.

The assistance from both Ms. Gerber-Salins and Mr. McElroy are gratefully acknowledged!