Popularity of Pipe Organs in Churches

Pipe Organs Are Out-of-Date for Younger Generation

U.S. pipe organ makers reported building only 91 instruments in 2010, down 14% from 2009 and 40% from 2008, according to the Organ Historical Society in Richmond, Va.

A small church in a suburb … that previously might have bought a small pipe organ, now maybe buys an electric organ or a guitar or a bass drum, says Scot Huntington, president of the historical society.

For churches hoping to draw more young people to worship services, the pipe organ sounds out-of-date, says Josh Hunt, a Baptist pastor and national consultant to churches trying to increase membership.

"Young people today don't listen to pipe organ music on their iPods," he says.

A nice summarization of this delimia is found in the article A church closes, but where does its pipe organ go? (1)

Industry Shrinking

With the changing of popularity of pipe organs over the years, a number of formerly quite successful pipe organ builders have gone out of business.  Examples include:


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