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Gordon Masters: Signature Soul Records

TortoiseClimbingAudio is very grateful to Mr. Gordon Masters for assisting with the long-distance arrangements for planning set up for the on-location recording session of the Westminster Ringers in Westminster, MD at the theater in the Carroll Arts Center. He provided invaluable technical insights about the theater, based on his knowledge from having recorded a number of other Westminster area groups in that space. 

Mr. Masters went out of his way to provide technical details about the theater layout, equipment, wiring, locations, including sending pictures, etc. His assistance made it considerably easier to plan for the on location recording session. Also, he graciously loaned mic stands to minimize the amount of bulky equipment the recording engineer, Bill McElroy, had to transport from his Ashland, Va Slipped DISC recording studio to the Westminster location.

Note. Mr. Masters was the recording engineer for a recording of the Westminster Ringers made in 2019. It is not known what plans the Westminster Ringers have regarding what they will be doing with that recording.

Mr. Gordon Masters:

On another dimension, he is a trumpet player in several regional bands/orchestras, including:

Carroll Arts Center

The Carroll Arts Center is located at 91 W Main St. in the heart of old downtown Westminster, MD. The renovated facility opened in April of 2003 with a 263-seat theatre as well as space devoted to galleries, classrooms, and visitor amenities. Today, the Carroll Arts Center acts as a performing arts space, a visual art gallery, and a cultural hub for creatives in Carroll County and beyond. The Center is in a magnificently restored art deco movie theatre.

The Center made the theater available to the Westminster Ringers as part of their ongoing community services. The Westminster Ringers in cooperation with the Carroll Arts Center used that theater on September 12, 2020 to make the on location recording of their accompaniment portions of the hymns "Amazing Grace" and "Just A Closer Walk with Thee".

Carroll Arts Center
Carroll Arts Center, Westminster, MD

In addition to the galleries and other rooms created within the old theater, it retains a 263-seat theatre, with stage. The Westminster Ringers used both that stage and the area in front of the stage to set up. The recording session with them placed microphones throughout their setup area to record their Handbell and Handchime accompaniments for addition to the hymns, "Just A Closer Walk with Thee," and "Amazing Grace," included on the album Hymns and Songs of My Mother.

The Center graciously allowed the recording engineer for TortoiseClimbingAudio to bring in recording equipment from his Slipped DISC studio location in Ashland, VA and begin the set up process the afternoon before. The Center staff were especially helpful with providing miscellaneous furniture, etc., for setting up for the recording session.

The Carroll Arts Center can be contacted at info@CarrollCountyArtsCouncil.org or by phone at 410-848-7272.

Ashland Movie Theater, VA

Ashland Movie Theater

In a sense, going to the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, MD to record on location was almost a bit of "deja vu." That is because SlippedDisc Audio is located adjacent to the Ashland Movie Theater in Ashland, VA. It too is an older community movie theater that reopened in its present incarnation on February 2019, 16 years later than the Carroll Arts Center. SlippedDisc had even recorded one of their client bands in that theater before it was restored and reopend as a non-profit community center, a bit like our use of the Carroll Arts Center to record the Westminster Ringers.


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