Hymns and Songs for Living:
Phase II – 2019 to 2000

The Long Hiatus

The extended hiatus in completing the Hymns and Songs for Living album between phase I and phase II was driven by many competing things in the lives of both David Goettee and Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins.

However, that extended hiatus gave the opportunity for numerous creative exchanges between Mr. Goette and Ms. Gerber-Salins that developed numerous guiding thoughts for improvements in the sonic quality for the envisioned final product. David critically analyzed existing draft materials, and brainstormed those thoughts with Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins for building on the foundation completed in phase I. Those processes led to the detailed specifications for enhancments to more fully flesh out harmonies and accompaniments.

Examples of improvements identified, included:

Actions in Phase II

In his role as Associate Producer, Mr. Bill McElroy:

Ms. Heidi Gerber-Salins of All Access Audio of Silver Spring, MD, made time available from her teaching schedule to provide some post production audio processing. Unfortunately a car crash limited how much of that she was able to do. After the crash, David obtained needed software and performed the needed post production audio processing.

All other work on revisions to finalize this recording were performed by Mr. Bill McElroy of Slipped DISC of Ashland, VA.  They included:

Technical Notes

For phase II, the previously recorded analogue tracks with Dolby SR noise reduction on the 2-inch, 24 track master tapes were converted by Bias Recording Studio to digital format at 24 bits at a sampling rate of 88.2 khz.