Hymns and Songs of My Mother

Released digitally 6-20-2024, CD in process, due later this summer. This is a professional quality album of nostalgic old hymns and songs, recorded and mixed in professional sound studios, with all singers and musicians professionally trained.

The congregational hymns and songs embrace a wide variety of arrangements, vocal and instrumental. Currently available in several formats, including:

Playlist and Artist Cross-reference:

Streaming of sample selections available at Annotated Playlist.

Limited streaming of all numbers also available in the online store marketplace.

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-- In addition to the coming soon CD --

3 additional versions coming later this summer for use in church and at home:

  1. Minus 1, sing along, background, karaoke less lead vocal for use by soloists;
  2. Minus 1, sing along, background, karaoke less all vocals except descants for use by choirs; and
  3. Easy Listening

What Is This Recording?

This album is a professionally produced, hi-definition, next to maximum length (for a CD - 78 minutes) recording of 27 hymns and songs. It was recorded:

Congregational feeling of the hymns is preserved by singing them as they are published in the hymnals, but with numerous artistic creative variations, including:

The album opens with a couple of robust, theologically oriented hymns which make strong statements of faith, including both solo and harmony verses. Much of the rest of the album roughly alternates between bigger harmony numbers like the opening numbers, and quieter solo or duet numbers. The song "Be Thou with Them" has lyrics explicitly written for weddings, set to a tune of a contemporary of J.S.Bach. Later selections deal with needing to sustain faith. Selections late in the album represent leaving this life, the most explicit being "Abide with Me" and the Contemporary Christian song "Welcome Home," written for the funeral of the author and composer's grandmother (my mother's sister), followed by two benedictions.

This recording provides a fabulously nostalgic trip back in time, via the 27 selections of traditional hymns and songs that form an intimate collage of very listenable, different textures.

Hymns on Album:

There are 21 hymns included from hymnals with publication copyright dates between 1934 and 1975, collected by my parents over their married lives. 2 are performed A Capella:

Except for lyrics to "Morning Has Broken," all the hymns are now out of copyright (i.e., are public domain), and largely only available in albums of old favorites, like this.

Songs on Album:

There are 6 religious songs included -

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The digital version of this album is available for purchase and download from our audio online marketplace. (Easy access to the online marketplace is provided via the Store Access page.)

The CD version will be available later this summer for purchase from the online store and mailed to you.

As noted above, additional versions of this album are forthcoming later this summer:

  1. Minus 1 version without the lead vocal, for use as professional quality backup tracks for soloist to sing along with;
  2. Minus almost all vocals (but including descants), for use as professional backup tracks for choir or congregation to sing along with; and
  3. Easy listening music without vocals (target Fall.)

Note. Later in 2024, the companion eBook History Through 27 Hymns and Songs is targeted to also become available. The eBook will be offered as a discounted package with the album.

Shortly after eBook completed, advance podcasts of chapters from the companion eBook History Through 27 Hymns and Songs will begin being offered as subscripton podcasts, culminating with the complete audiobook targeted for late in 2024.

Why This Recording, and Impact on TortoiseClimbing

Mother, knowing I was recording at a professional studio, requested I record some of their favorite hymns and songs. We selected them together from my parents' favorites. (See selected list at Simple Playlist.)

Additionally, she requested this recording be 1) a high quality product and 2) be made available to the public. Those requests for recording this album, its quality, and distribution, precipitated substantial evolutions in TortoiseClimbing™.

The first subsidiary created was the record label TortoiseClimbing Audio™. As a result of mother's requests for this project, we upgraded our original recording mission from creating nice recordings for friends and family to producing:

Next, it led to creation of TortoiseClimbing Publishing™, for writing, publishing and marketing the companion history books to accompany this recording.

Third, it then led to creation of TortoiseClimbing WebServices™ for creating and maintaining this website. (For more background details see the About webpages.)

If interested, background information on the creation process for this recording is provided at Background about Hymns and Songs of My Mother.

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