Choir Members for
The Crucifixion


For the 1959 performances, Mr. Kunkle had 3 choirs he needed to showcase. Thus, he substituted womens choirs for a number of the parts the score designated for solo and recitative parts. That created more choral content than indicated by Stainer in the score.

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NOTE. A future goal is to build this webpage containing names of the choir members in each of the 3 choirs. A possible source for that might be the Wake yearbook for 1959 (if it contains that information). That means I need to find my copy, or someone needs to loan me a copy. (Can anyone help? Reply via comment button below.)

Robert F Kunkle, Choral Director

Marilyn Riecke, Organist

[SOLOISTS in order of appearance]

David Goettee
Douglas Hubbard
Fred Eucare
Pat Tanner
Lucy Phelps
John Phelps
Marshall DeGraw
James Nicewarner
Richard Vogelsang
Carroll Dove

{Plus other choir members}

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