The Crucifixion Download Process
Step 3: Download Links

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This page provides download links for the following selections:

  1. The Crucifixion (4 different audio file formats to choose from), and
  2. Related accompanying documentation you can download and use to follow along with performance of The Crucifixion.

Click on each link you desire to download to your system.

When you have finished downloading all files you want, you can go to any other part of this website to investigate other things. Things you might be interested in checking out include:

Difference in Quality of Digital Audio File Formats

NOTE. Because the original tapings were made with 1959 consumer product quality recording technology from a great distance, the audio fidelity of the original recording is Limited. As a result, the difference in sonic listenability between the Lossless and Lossy digital audio formats is not striking. Nonetheless, while this mastered and restored version is Not Hi-Fi in any format, the Lossless formats sounded the best to me. -- David

Lossless - Best fidelity, but largest file size

FLAC (All but Apple)
24 bit, 88.2 MHz (376,407 KB)

ALAC (Apple only)
32 bit float, 88.2 MHz (373,260 KB)

Lossy - Less fidelity, but smaller file size

AAC (All - Generally better than MP3)
16 bit, 44.1 MHz (60,245 KB)

16 bit, 44.1 MHz (97,457 KB)

Other Supporting Documentation

PDF of Lyrics and Performers
14 pages

PDF of Score
58 pages

Thank you for your interest in 1st ever Mastered and Restored digital version of the vintage, historic 1959 recording by the AHS choirs (classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961.)


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