From Forward to History for Hymns and Song for Living Book

This is a collection of stories about 26 traditional old favorite hymns and religious songs of the editor’s parents.  All but three (some might say four) are classic congregational hymns.  Although several exceptions may not be congregational hymns, they occupied important religious musical spaces in the religious experiences of the editor’s parents.  This accompanying collection of hymn history stories describes the places of each of these numbers in historical perspective.  These history stories accompany the companion recording made with the marvelous assistance of others.

These history stories and their recordings are dedicated with love, affection, and heartfelt gratitude to the editor’s parents, for their gifts via training/upbringing of their knowledge, insights, values and caring.  They considered it a goal, to the best of their ability, to represent their values to their children, friends and associates.  The hymns and songs on the recording and in the history stories book provide insights into their beliefs, which brought joy and meaning to their lives, and the values that guided how they lived their lives.