Dave Mather, Associate Editor:
Hymn History Stories Book

Many thanks to Dave Mather for taking an interest in providing detailed comments for the Hymns and Songs for Life book to improve its appeal and readability. Mr. Mather is quite a treasure to have taken an interest in this project. He brings a rich background of experiences in both news story telling, and academic publications.

There is an interesting back story as to how his involvement in this project came about. This is another of those instances where you can question, was it meant to be, or was it just another happenstance?


Mr. Mather has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Indiana University, Bloomington, with a Journalism Major and English Minor.

Related Experience

He has years of professional experience in a variety of different publication formats, including:

In addition, he activily volunterres with a variety of different functional areas, including:

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