David Goettee

Mr. Goettee has been writing various types of products throughout his multiple careers. For this book he spent a number of years researching numerous sources for information about each of the 26 hymns and songs included on the Hymn and Songs for Living audio album to gather the stories and surrounding history that likely influenced writing of the hymns. Finding and piecing together the summary history overview of points from the past 2 millenia that impacted development of congregational hymn singing could be considered a project of its own.

Relevant sources are provided in the extensive footnotes provided throughout the book to enable readers to follow up, as desired. A guiding principal for references cited in the book is they should be easily available to facilitate readers' access to the reference materials. Thus, an emphasis was placed on sources available via the internet.

Details about Mr. Goettee can be found in his bio at David Goettee.