K's Pet Care, House Sitting, and Concierge Services

K's Pet Care has been providing personalized and specialized services, serving Mid-Southern Prince George's County, Maryland since 2006. Services available include:

Pet Care Services

Professional in-home pet care services. Specializing in feline (cat) care, but includes other animals.

Services include working with animals with special needs. American Red Cross Pet First-Aid Certified.  Experienced in administering:

Visits include:

* Basic Home Care services are also included, e.g., lights, blinds, mail, etc., but are not as extensive as with overnight residence as part of house sitting.

House Sitting Services

Reserve services from K's Pet Care to stay overnight in your home when you travel.  This can be added to the above pet care services. They include:

Concierge Services

Personalized concierge services including:


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