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TortoiseClimbing™ is now a multifaceted, sole-proprieter undertaking, consisting of 4 currently informal subsidiaries:

There is a rolled out project, and another that will roll-out late Spring. There are several near-term additional projects, and others envisioned that are in the "pipeline" for recordings and companion books. There are considerable details about those projects in other parts of this website.

Current products of TortoiseClimbing™include:


The Crucifixion

The score for The Crucifixion became Public Domain the beginning of 2023, removing copyright restriction. TortoiseClimbing Audio™ had the LP converted to digital, mastered and restored that unique 1959 recording of performances by Annapolis High School's 3 choirs. SlippedDisc did the digital audio file conversion, which allowed TortoiseClimbing Audio™ to master and restore it, and make that digital audio file available as a Free download.

TortoiseClimibing Audio™ had the abilities to undertake this project because of:

Therefore, it applied those capabilities to:

The end of January 2023, Tortoiseclimbing Audio™ completed mastering and restoring of the digital audio file of The Crucifixion and posting it for download from this website.

It has since been uploaded that digital audio file to the online store at Bandcamp and is available for Free download from them as well.

Initial Public Release:
Hymns and Songs of My Mother

Finishing touches are complete for the master of the standard vocal version of this very long album of 26, mostly nostalgic, traditional hymns and songs drawn from my parents favorites. Target for release is mid-May 2024.

Other versions of the hymns and songs album as backup tracks for church singing and easy listening instrumental only are in planning for later this year.

Other early recordings are in process being prepared for release later this year.

The online store for TortoiseClimbing™ at Bandcamp has been set up, as has the Store Access page on this website. That page provides links to the Home/Index page for TortoiseClimbing™'s products, plus there are links to the product page for each product on Bandcamp.

Advance Podcasts

As soon as the eBook History Through 26 Hymns and Songs is complete, we will begin recording advance podcasts of chapters from the eBook. The advance podcasts will be made available both as:


When the podcast series is completed, the parts will be edited and assembled as appropriate creating an audiobook. Target for availability of complete audiobook is end of 2024.

eBook (Publishing)

TortoiseClimbing Publications™ is working with Ms. Ingrid Bartinique as editor for the eBook, History Through 26 Hymns and Songs. Her editing has been seriously slowed by various health and family issues, but target for completion is as early in 2024 as possible.


TortoiseClimbing™ completely replaced its initial 2003-4 static website. The initial website was built with HTML4.01, when CSS2 was new, only a recommendation, and not widely or uniformly supported by browsers. No server-side programming was used to support a contact page, and only rudimentary client side programming generated by the FrontPage web building software was included.

In contrast, TortoiseClimbing™'s new, interactive website is built using:

TortoiseClimbing™ was able to obtain bio information for most artists involved in both Phases I and II of Hymns and Songs for Living.


TortoiseClimbing™ continues to have very simpatico working relationships in the audio world with Mr. McElroy and Ms. Gerber-Salins, and in the editing world with Ms. Ingrid Bartinique. They were and are:

K's Pet Care

While a far different activity than recording, publishing, website building, etc., this is another aspect of TortoiseClimbing™, also representing a somewhat serendipitous or otherwise evolution. K is friends with a then neighbor who established a Pet Care services company. At one point the neighbor needed assistance with her Pet Care business, which led K to review her situation and determine she:

So, K volunteered to help out the neighbor's company providing such services. Just as other aspects of TortoiseClimbing™ evolved, K's efforts evolved into assisting her friend and other friends, acquantiences and then others. As part of this service, K acquired a variety of additional specialized training and skills in providing care for animals needing special assistance.

Thus, over time the initial volunteering to help grew into K's ongoing Pet Care services, with its own webpage on TortoiseClimbing's™ website, and David assisting.

-- So --

After all these, and more, TortoiseClimbing™ was created and evolved into an independent:

What Do You Think?

Were all these: logical evolutions; serendipitous happenstances; destined; or maybe some combinations?

That's the story!

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