About TortoiseClimbing: Who We Are

TortoiseClimbing™ currently focuses on production of carefully crafted, high-quality, nostalgic songs and their companion histories.

Our nostalgia about those times, and being curious at heart, drives us to produce products recapturing those feelings. We remember when music and vocals were carefully crafted, and many songs were hauntingly nostalgic.

Our companion publications provide the histories of when those songs were written, including a greater understanding why the songs are the way they are.

TortoiseClimbing™ is a small, privately held family business located in Maryland, south of Washington, DC. We work with a number of other professionals creating the recordings and bringing their histories together. Established in 1993 by David Goettee as part of privately releasing the first cassette album, Solo Collection. That was songs from the WWII era, and immediately following. (Since release of that initial album, our quality goals/mission evolved to be even more demanding. Since we have the master tapes from the original sessions for that album, we plan to augment and remix those original recording to meet our higher standard, and publicly release in late 2024.)

Our name, TortoiseClimbing™, derives from a combination of concepts:

  1. There is the well known story of the Tortoise's perseverence, enabling it to triumph over the Hare;

  2. That perseverence is adapted/melded with my father's experience, where after many years he established his business; and

  3. The concept that perseverence, like in the story of the Tortoise, enables climbing to heights of quality.

We specialize in nostalgic, high-quality vocals (solos and harmonies) of both religious and secular music, accompanied by companion indepth, thought-provoking histories of the times when the songs were written.

Audio recordings are provided as digital downloads, and also as CDs. The master digital files are audiophile quality, but are available as compressed FLAC files, Apple (AAC), and the ubiquitous MP3. CDs are also orderable.

Publications are similarly provided as: eBooks; plus audio podcasts as advance releases of chapters from forthcoming audiobooks.

The roots that led to creation of TortoiseClimbing™ go back many decades (see Our Roots, accessible from Dropdown Submenu above). For more recent influences that led to creation of TortoiseClimbing™ (see Duets with Terry).

In 1990, David began recording duets with good friend Terry Hamilton at Bias Recording Studio in Springfield, VA, which is when we began honing of our recording skills. (Note. The Duets with Terry webpage includes examples of streamable duet recordings we made.)



Produce exceptional quality music recordings and indepth companion history publications for the public.


Provide customers with great listening and reading pleasure, with an intellectual challenge.

(Our in-depth website provides detailed background information on existing products, artists, forthcoming products, and links to sources where our products can be purchased.)


Components of TortoiseClimbing

In 2019, TortoiseClimbing™ began its transition from a casual pastime into a small business:

Contact us via our contact page. Let us know your thoughts and preferences. We'd love hearing from you!

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For insights into the roots from which TortoiseClimbing™ grew, see Our Roots.

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